Image impressions & philosophy of the owners

The following pictures were taken by the owners using their cell phone cameras. They provide a pristine view of the impressions on site.

The homeowners are making the entire property ready for sale. And the two of them are just as much perfectionists as they are warm-hearted. During their work on the house, the couple keeps sending us photos and videos that they take with their cell phones. We publish them here from time to time.

After all these years, the owners know their home inside out and have made further tweaks, embellishments and improvements in many places over the past 12 months. It is very important to them that they only deliver the house in the best possible condition.

01.02.2023 – Winter-Wonder-Land

25.12.2022 – Christmas in our Log Home

14.10.2022 - Carport, electrical and plumbing for the new rangehood and dishwasher

26.09.2022 - Making of…..Backside Balcony!


Stairs Varathaned

29.08.22 - New railing for gallery is now finished!

22.08.22 - Enlarged Patio

21.08.22 - Sunseekers seating area

20.08.22 - New gravel for the Beach Steps

June 2022 - Sun & Moon at the Log Home

16.01.22 - Kitchen interior work

24.12.21 - Christmas Time